Cloud Services

At Aneto Digital, we offer a range of cloud services that enable businesses to access their data and applications from any device, wherever they are. Our cloud services are designed to help businesses create a secure and reliable environment for their applications and data. Our cloud services include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and more.

With our cloud services, businesses can benefit from increased scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and enhanced security. We are dedicated to helping businesses take advantage of the cloud to meet their unique needs and maximize their potential.

IT infrastructure assessment

Our cloud computing consultants analyse your critical infrastructure, application dependencies, estimated costs, and business objectives to identify cloud use cases and optimization opportunities and help you safely adopt cloud technology.


Our solution architects and engineers will design a future-proof, secure, and compliant cloud architecture that aligns with your business objectives, select an optimal technical stack, and develop a detailed cloud adoption plan.

Development and deployment

We oversee cloud deployment and provide assistance in implementing cloud infrastructure, setting up best practices to streamline and automate the development and deployment process.


Our experts can help you identify areas of improvement, review your current environment, and recommend strategies to improve your cloud infrastructure. We can also assist with implementing best practices, optimising your cloud resources, and making sure your cloud environment is running at its most efficient.

Ongoing Support

We will monitor and maximise cloud resource utilisation and expenditure, expand your cloud services offerings, conduct compliance audits, and provide staff training to ensure your cloud operations are efficient, secure, and consistent with your corporate policies.

Vendor Agnostic

We are not limited to any particular cloud platform provider. We choose the cloud tools and technologies that best suit your project and workflows. We also support hybrid infrastructures that meet your on-premise and cloud needs.