Infra & DevOps

At Aneto Digital, we specialize in helping businesses build, maintain, and optimize their IT infrastructure. Our experienced team of professionals provides custom solutions tailored to each businesss individual needs. We offer server and storage management, networking, system integration, automation, and more. Our DevOps services allow businesses to automate their processes and gain greater control over their IT infrastructure, which reduces operational costs, improves efficiency, and ensures reliable performance. Our expertise helps businesses stay agile and responsive to the everchanging market.

DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of applications and services. This approach promotes a more collaborative environment, allowing teams to deliver applications and services faster, with higher levels of reliability and quality.

Analysis & Evaluation

Our experienced analysts will assess your IT environment's development and operations. We will provide you with a thorough audit that will help you decide on the most suitable DevOps model, select the best technology frameworks, and identify any limitations.

DevOps Consulting

We offer DevOps services with the best strategies and create roadmaps to help you achieve stable, secure, and scalable server architectures. Leverage our agile and lean DevOps consulting solutions to prevent long software development cycles and legacy infrastructure issues.

Continuous Integration

Our team of skilled coders and experienced DevOps engineers integrate code into a shared repository and verify each integration through automated tests to ensure better code quality and improved builds.

Automated Deployments

Our DevOps engineers are skilled in automating your delivery pipeline to ensure smooth deployments and seamless rollbacks across IT processes. Our DevOps consulting services can segment your bulky enterprise applications into self-sustaining services, migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, fix bugs, and deploy new features with no risk.

Environment Configuration

Our DevOps services company specializes in setting up server environments using AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and on-premise solutions. We make sure your servers are configured for optimal performance and scalability, helping you save time and ensure consistency.

Infrastructure Management

We offer Platform & Storage services, network engineering, Virtualisation services, Middleware and Database Administraction services.